Elder Abuse
Debt Workout

Probated Matters

Estates and Trusts

Estate and Trust litigation often requires forensic including reconstruction of financial records, division  of  assets, financial calculations, fraud examinations,  malpractice assessments, damage  calculations, and expert witness testimonies. These  matters are  frequently very personal, involve parents, offspring, and siblings with fragile, complicated relationships. We  can  assist  with  all  the  technical  aspects  in  reconciling  these  matters.

  • Reconstruction of  records
  • Reconciliation of financial matters
  • Asset discovery  and  division
  • Malpractice
  • Equitable calculations  and  settlement
  • Elder  care and  abuse
  • Estates and Trusts


We assist counsel and families with determining whether or not financial elder abuse has occurred.

Much  financial  abuse  of  the  elderly  goes  unreported.  Click  Here for  Article

Debt Workout

Non-Bankruptcy Debt Settlement

Why choose a debt workout?

There are a variety of reasons why a debtor might prefer a workout to bankruptcy. By entering into a voluntary agreement with creditors, the debtor avoids the public stigma that attaches to bankruptcy  but achieves the same results-discharge from all or a portion of his or her debts. In fact, a workout can be even broader than a bankruptcy. Also, a workout does not affect the debtor's rights to file a future bankruptcy. However, certain types of bankruptcy discharges do. But the main advantage of a workout is that it is voluntarily entered into by both the debtor and the participating creditor(s). In a workout, unlike bankruptcy, the majority of creditors cannot cram down concessions on dissenting creditors. All of the participating creditors must agree to the workout's terms.

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