Litigation Support and Fraud Investigation

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Litigation Support is the analyses that are done that would support a client’s position in litigation or in a transaction that might end up in litigation.

We  have  supported  many  individual  clients, attorneys, local  authorities.  If data, financials  or statistics  need  analyzed,  we  can  help  support  your position. We  have  prevented  many  lawsuits,  which  would  have  been  unsupportable.  We  have  also  assisted  in quick  settlements, saving  clients  thousands.  Delivering  the  truth,  not  always  desirable,  but  necessary  to  avoid  failure.  We are  also  experienced  giving  expert  testimony  during  depositions  and  trials.  

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Our  experience  in  Litigation  Support  includes  the  following:

• Will dispute

• Estate alleging misconduct by a professional

• Valuation for “Buy sell” agreement

• Settling “buy-sell” conflicts

• Business Split-Up (Valuation and Forensic Accounting)

• Conflicts between brothers and sisters, parent and child, or divorced spouses still working in same business

• To allocate purchase price for book and tax purpose in a merger or sale or acquisition

• Advising a Creditor’s Committee in a Bankruptcy

• Bankruptcy investigations

• Looking for assets and asset tracing

• Analyzing future cash flow and profitability

• Matrimonial disputes

• Matrimonial – settling post judgment disputes

• Matrimonial - post judgment child support compliance

• Tracing of flow of funds

• Determining income and assist in preparation of Case

Information Statement in a divorce

• Life style analysis

• Cash flow analysis

• Determination of value of premarital assets and/or retirement


• Pre filing consultation

• Economic damages – lost wages, health insurance costs and lost retirement savings as a result of being forced to retire early

• Industry specific knowledge

• Income analysis

• Joint marital tax returns

• Child support substantiation or verification

• Post judgment change of circumstances

• Evaluating business interests

• Calculation of damages

• Damages and loss from a fire

• Special counsel investigation of contributions to qualified and non-qualified deferred compensation plans on behalf of an individual over a prolonged period

• Business succession between parents and child, and between siblings and between children and key person running business where “promises” were made but never put in writing

• Management fees allocated to costs in a cost-plus project

• Professional malpractice charges – plaintiff or defense cases

• Lost wages

• Damages caused by a disability caused by a landlord

• Verify tax rates used on individual tax returns are correct

• Determine tax rates to apply to assets that will be subject to, or partially subject to, income tax

• To determine built-in gain for C corporation conversion to S status

• Fair value for financial statement purposes

• Derivation of merger ratio between related parties

• Stock split up valuation

• Economic reasonableness of a management agreement and adherence to it

• Restructuring of revolving, working capital, equipment or mortgage debt

• Structuring a management buyout

• Valuation of assets seized by government agency or as a result of

a judgment

• Lost royalties in a patent or copyright dispute

• Damages from a construction delay

• Merger or acquisition due diligence

• Business and  non-profit organization fraud investigation

• Technology  fraud  from  email  or  firewall  penetration

• Banking  discrepancies,  compliance,  deposit  and  loan

• Mortgage  loan  discrepancies  and  compliance

Litigation Support
Lost earnings wages
Damage calculation
Bankruptcy investigation